2019 Calendar of Events

General Meetings -  6:30 p.m.  at SOW
February 25                April 15         November 18

Board Meetings every second Monday 10:30am at SOW
January 7                    April 8                          July 8                          October 7
February 11               May 13                       August 8                      November 11
March 11                    June 10                     September 9               December 9
Artful Touch Workshops:  The Third Wednesday of every Month.

                    Title/Theme                                   Delivery Date            Reception Date            Take Down Date
                                    10a - 2p                             5-7pm                                 10a – 2p

                   Crystal Blue Persuasion                                  January 15                          January 18                            March 5
                   Celebration of the Arts CHHS Students*       March 5                   Sunday, March 10 * 1-3p              April 2
                   Create!                                                                  April 2                               April 5                                      May 1
                   Farmer's Market *                                             May 14                              May 17                                     June 5
                   Everything Milton                                                July 16                               July 19                                    July 10
                   Off Season *                                                     September 3                     September 6                      October 22   
                   Black & White & Red all Over                          October 22                      October 25                        December 3   
                   Holly Days in Miniature                                 December 3                      December 7                          January 8

                   * Judged show
Christmas House Tour and Holly Festival is December 7th, 2019
The Gallery will be open from 9-7p.



March 2019 Workshop

A Two Day, Two Part Workshop to Recharge Painter’s Approach to Color
DAY 1 - Saturday, March 9, 2019 10a-4p   DAY 2 – Saturday, March 16, 2019 10a-4p 
For Intermediate & Professional Painters, Register early – Class size limited
310 Walnut Street, Milton, DE

Members Cost $120 Non Member $140
Contact Lynda Rae Gannon at [email protected] Register or go to www.miltonartsguild.org

Cake and Coffee by Jan Crooker Acrylic ~ 30" x 30"    Happy Birthday by Jan Crooker Acrylic ~ 24" x 18"

DAY ONE -MORNING (Two Hours approx.) with Lunch Break
1. Considerations of Great Artist’s Color Use (Please bring color examples of your favorites)
2. Variables in Viewing Reproductions    3. Analysis Demo    4. Class Color Analysis
DAY ONE - AFTERNOON (Two Hours or More)
1. Class compares Artwork they brought with their Favorite reproduction from morning noting Color Choices & Value Relationships  2. Colors of Reductions integrated into existing paintings.
(NOTE:  Paintings will not be damaged. We will use a Protective Layer [acetate or other transparent.)
3. Final Analysis of Process of Rethinking Color

INTERIM WEEK  [between Day 1 [Mar 9] and Day 2 [March 16]
After learning tools to help understand Masterworks, Techniques and Tricks of Color Analysis, plus how to apply them to your own Existing Artwork, you work at home on a Painting inspired by Techniques learned on Day One and bring that Artwork to Day Two [finished or unfinished].

MORNING into AFTERNOON with Lunch Break
Questions & Answers about your progress during the “Interim Week”, sharing how you made your decisions, which techniques and tricks you used via Color Analysis & Choices, issues encountered, and your experience so far with “Rethinking Color” in your artwork.
***Please be sure to bring additional small Canvas and/or YUPO, Notebook, and clean piece of Protective Layer, etc. in case you wish to rework and/or start another new painting. ***
Then, it’s an Application Lab where Jan visits with you discussing your continuation of work on your Applied Pieces [or use a Protective layer over piece to rework as well as Experiment with Additional Changes]; or Start another new Painting by keeping the Morning Discussions in Mind.
(Four hours approx.)
Jan Crooker
MFA, Penn State University
BA, Art Education, Toledo University

Like many artists, my journey as an artist has not been a linear one.  In fact, I had to choose between clay and paint. For twenty years, I was a ceramic artist, earning a M.F.A. in ceramics from Penn State.  When I chose clay over paint, I knew I would return someday to painting, I had no idea it would be my son on the front in the Invasion of Iraq that would push me back to painting. Since I had to find my way, I mentored myself and used teaching techniques that I had learned as a teacher. In this workshop, I share some of these techniques to help painters rethink their use of color.

Nothing Sets At Artist's Heart Aflutter Than Learning Something New!
“Loose Luminous, and Colorful!” - Watercolors with Marie Natale had MAG artists and
other attendees rapt with wonder watching this great teacher and artist share her craft!
Thanks to Marie and to all attended, we'll be doing this again.
Below are some highlights from these 3 exciting days.

Gathering Around the Demo Table
watching a master at work.
Examples of Marie's work and of student's work.
 Whose is whose?

MAG at the 2018
Milton Horseshoe Crab & Shorebird Festival  

Garden Gifts Opening Reception and Winners!

Congratulations to Barbara Coffin on her blue ribbon winner!

Lorelei Meanor took second place.

Honorable Mentions 

Paul Hammesfahr, Barbara Lloyd, Carol Yost, and Sharon Hammesfahr

Rita Poore's Collage took 3rd place


Our special guests
Milton Garden Club

2018 Student Show Opening Reception

Holly Day 2017 at MAG

8x8  Anonymous Exhibition

Our 2017 Fundraiser was a great success!  Thanks to all who donated, bid, and won some beautiful artwork!  Some local future artists, aka high school students will benefit from your generosity when scholarships are awarded this coming school year.

Holly Days 2016 at MAG