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Artist Members

Karen Apostolico

Where do I begin to tell about my art journey. I could go way back to when my grandfather (an architect) gave me pencils and paper and told me to go draw. I don’t know whether that was to encourage my talent or to keep me away from his blueprints. It was the beginning of my love all things creative.

Numerous classes and workshops over the years helped me find a medium and style that worked for me. My first class was an oil painting class in high school, a drawing class at the University of Delaware, and oil classes at the Center for Creative Arts (in the Ed Loper style). I switched to acylics as I liked the fast drying properties and its somewhat forgiving nature. I loved watercolors  (other people’s, not mine) so I took a couple of watercolor classes which were helpful, but continued to paint mainly with acrylics.
In 2008, I joined the Cape Artists in Lewes, one of the first people there who was not a water colorist.  I had studio space in Rehoboth in Paintiques Gallery where I painted and exhibited. We moved back to New Castle County in 2013 to be closer to kids and grandkids. I continued to show some of my work in Sussex County the at the Brush Factory in Lewes and also hung some pieces in The Mercantile in Milton.
We loved living closer to family but we found our hearts were wed to Sussex County and its mix of natural beauty — beaches, marshes, farmland and its active art community. We have recently moved back to Sussex and are enjoying the people and the pace! 

Karen Apostolico

Karen Apostolico

Ginny Barney

Ginny Barney is a mixed media artist who enjoys working with papers
in several forms.  Ginny took several art classes and quickly zoomed in
on her main interest of working with papers and doing abstract art
using papers.  For example, re-purposing cigar boxes,
making junk journals and creating all occasion greeting cards.  
Lately, Ginny has expanded her interests to include alcohol ink painting
on ceramic tiles, paper abstract collages, etc.

She is a member of the Milton Arts Guild, Mispillion Art League,
Delaware By Hand at the Biggs Museum, Rehoboth Art League and
the Ocean City Art League.  Her work is displayed at each of these venues.  
Ginny also teaches at each of these art guilds, leagues.

You can find out what Ginny’s teaching schedule is by contacting

Anne Buck

Anne Buck is a watercolorist who loves the luminosity and translucence of
watercolor.  Design and creativity have been infused in her education
with a bachelor’s degree in Ornamental Horticulture and Landscape
Design, and a masters degree in Biology Education. In her working career
she used her design skills as a Conservationist for Erosion and Sediment
Control, as office manager and draftsman for Jennifer Thompson
Architects and as a science teacher for  Cape Henlopen School District.
She has studied watercolor with nationally recognized artists such as
Mary Whyte, Charles Reid, and Janet Rogers.

Anne is an member of the Delaware Watercolor Society, the Rehoboth Art
League, Millsboro Art League, and is President of the Milton Art Guild
all in Delaware. Her work is on display at the various art Leagues,
the Savannah Inn in Lewes, DE  and periodically in shows throughout
the beach communities. 
Anne invites you to visit her website at

Susan Caudell

I was born and raised in the town of Milton, Delaware. As a child, I was
exposed to business and art through my grandparents, George and
Siegfried and my father, George Siegfried Jr. owners of Siegfried Hosiery
Mill. An instilled appreciation for the arts and encouragement led me to
follow my passion to work as an artist. I attended school in Georgia
where I met my husband, John Caudell.

My focus for 30 years has been in the area of artwork on furniture.
I worked as lead artist for Habersham Plantation, Simply Southern and
Eddy West Furniture. When my children, Bret and Nicole,
finished college, I looked for an opportunity to establish myself
as a fine artist.

I have always appreciated the beauty of the lower Delaware area
and expressing this through my artwork is a perfect way to share
my talent with others. I work mostly in acyrlics but enjoy oil and
watercolor too. Even though I live in Georgia, I love that I can stay
connected through the Milton Art Guild.  
Contact Susan at  [email protected]  or see her work

Barbara Coffin

Growing up in Washington, D.C, I had many opportunities to explore the
Smithsonian galleries, the National Zoo, the Arboretum and Rock Creek Park.
That is where a love of nature and my inspiration for art making began.

I studied art at the Corcoran Gallery and won the Washington Post Student
Art Award.  I graduated from the University of Maryland and taught art
for 32 years in Maryland schools. Twice I was awarded the MAEA Outstanding
Art Educator Award.
Since moving to Delaware, I joined a wonderful group of master wood
carvers; the Mispillion River Carvers. I love painting but wood is a fun
medium for me…a new way to express my art.

I live in Milton with my husband Denny Coffin, a photographer who shares
my love of birds, animals, and Delmarva landscapes.
Email me at: ​ [email protected]

Kathy Connell

I always wanted to try to paint. I thought you had to have great drawing
skills. In the schools that I attended there were no art classes. So about 3
years ago I took a water color class and now have tried some acrylics.
I am now retired and in the fall am planning to begin some classes that
will help me improve and grow in my painting. I find it very relaxing.
You can reach Kathy at [email protected]

Sue Dutton

After retiring from the education field, Sue has embraced many forms of art in both the fine and fun art genres. Primarily working in watercolor, Sue has also done work with charcoal, acrylic, and graphite. She is also starting to explore other media as well.
“Formally coming into the art world later in life, I have developed a love for watercolor painting in many forms.... realistic, abstract, experimental, and Impressionistic. After several years of instruction, I enjoy trying new things and exploring new resources and techniques. After many years in the education field, it is refreshing to be a student again.”
Sue  is a member of the Atlantic Visual Artists, the Mispillion Art League, the Ocean City Center for the Arts, and is currently the vice president of the Milton Arts Guild.  Contact Sue at [email protected]

Kathy Fessenbecker

My artistic journey began over 30 years ago when my mother-in-law
sparked my interest with some lessons in porcelain painting. After a few
years, water color took center stage. Next it was on to color pencils, oil
painting, acrylic  and collage. My art education has been through private
classes and workshops. There are always new materials and methods for
artists to use to express themselves. The creative urge continues to push us
along to keep creating and stretching. I currently love working with
mixed media and creating a work with a loose look often inspired by nature.
My husband and I have recently moved to the Lewes area.  I'm enjoying
getting involved in the local art scene. I teach private painting parties
and am a member of Milton Arts Guild and Rehoboth Beach Art League.

Contact Kathy at  [email protected]

Nettie Green

I tell people, "I am a retired teacher who has gone to pot."  Actually I was interested in making pottery as a young child when I made fragrant mud pies with my great aunt's discarded spices and later noticed that I could make air dried pots out of wet clay left behind at a building site.  Coming from the Appalachian mountains, I was inspired with what I observed potters making.  So now that I have the time to play, I've learned much from colleagues at Rehoboth Art League and in other workshops.  I've taught several children's classes.  Most of my whimsical, beautiful and practical pottery is done in my garage.  The forest, the wetlands, and the ocean give me ideas.  Making pots is timeless joy for me.  

You can contact Nettie at  [email protected]

Fritz Grubb

Diane Hake

Diane Hake is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in Art 
Education and a minor in Fine Art. She eventually turned to color
application in lithographic printing and became a commercial printing
expert. In her career she was employed by several Fortune 500 companies
and because of her expertise has won numerous awards of achievement. 

 She is now retired and, because she has always been an artist at heart,
she has returned to her teaching roots and has taught acrylic painting,
watercolor and mosaic.  When she is not painting and teaching she loves
to travel. She has exhibited in several galleries in Baltimore MD and
most recently in the Milton Arts Guild Gallery and the Del Tech Encore

Deny Howeth

Deny Howeth is a Lewes resident and a native Delawarean.  An award
winning photographer, art director, graphic designer, digital artist and
photo shoot designer and stylist with more than 30 years of experience,
she has proficiency in portraiture and cuisine photography, studio and
location photo shoots as well as photojournalism.
She creates jewelry from original photography under glass
in a metal fitting.
See Deny's work at or

email her at: ​ d[email protected]

Kaz Huston

Dr. Kaz Huston is an exploratory artist in abstract expressionism through watercolor, acrylic, multi-media; and other artistic pursuits. Her paintings have won accolades: First Place, Emerging Artists Competition; admitted into Juried Shows; received an
Honorable Mention in a Miniature Show.
Kaz pursued the Arts after 30 years’ experience building a broad-based business career in Fortune companies and consulting to business, industry, government, academia, and nonprofits.
Kaz has a Masters and Doctorate in Education from Temple University specializing in Learning Systems and Organization Development.  Further qualifications include post-doctoral education in Gestalt Organizational Systems & Development, Consulting and Intervening with Groups to assist executives and work groups for improved working relationships and performance.  Kaz has served on Boards in Writing, Music and the Arts, concentrating her expertise in Organization Development, Education and Governance.  
Kaz’s expertise can be applied to the Arts by teaching Artists to be more creative, prolific, and knowledgeable about their Art and explore new terrain. 
Contact Kaz at: ​ [email protected]

Jason Janjanin

I am an artist who loves to paint landscapes and still life. My medium is
acrylic. I give all my credit to God, my Lord and Savior, because He is the
one who gave me this talent. All I want to do is give the glory to Him.
When people buy my paintings I pray that they see how beautiful this world
can be- no pollution, no trash on the streets, just a world that God had
in mind when He created it. Because without God we are dead, but being
in Him we are alive in His Glory.
I am the Events Director for the Milton Art Guild.
Contact Jason at  [email protected] or
visit his site at

Dr. Koehler has been a part-time college professor in New Jersey and lectured on various subjects throughout the United States. He is retired from government service and private employment. He lives with his wife at the beach on the eastern shore of Maryland.

While on assignment in 1993, Dr. Koehler lived on a sailboat in the
San Francisco harbor for a year, sailing nights and weekends in
San Francisco Bay. Today, his hobbies include sailing, snorkeling, skiing, and tennis. Dr. Koehler and his wife travel frequently throughout the United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean islands.

Edward F. Koehler, PHD

Barbara Lloyd

Barbara Lloyd, raised north of Wilmington, Delaware, began her art
training in high school.  She graduated from the University of Delaware
with a degree in Art Education and taught art in Wilmington public schools.

In 1972 she relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico, living there for 10 ½ years, surrounded by the art of Santa Fe, Taos, and other areas of the southwest. 

In New Mexico, she taught art in a prison program, did commercial
freelance art, painted, and took art therapy courses in a graduate program.  After returning to Delaware she pursued watercolor as her medium, after taking some workshops.  Barbara enjoys painting in other locales for variety.  She has been leading painting and sketching trips to various areas of Italy, France, and New Mexico. 

Barbara is an award winning artist residing in Milton, Delaware.  She  exhibits in a number of restaurants in Lewes and Dewey Beach plus galleries in the resort areas.  Her paintings were featured on the 2003 and 2007 covers of the Lewes Visitors Guides and the 2012 cover for the Lewes Historical Society’s Christmas House tour booklet. 

Contact Barbara  at  (302) 684-3050  or Email Barbara at: 
B [email protected]

Lorelei Meanor

Lorelei is a self-taught mosaic artist who spent half of her high school years in Rome, Italy.  While there, she grew to appreciate this ancient art form.  In retirement, she  pursued her love of mosaics. Lorelei now produces contemporary mosaics full of color and movement for home and garden.  She received the “By Dam” award at the 2015 Rehoboth Art League Fine Craft Exhibition and received Honorable Mention for her mosaic landscape from the Biggs Museum. She also completed the restoration of “Birds of the Sea” for RAL which is now in their permanent collection. Lorelei is a member of National Society of Mosaic Artists.

Contact Lorelei at: ​ [email protected]

Liz Micelli

Elizabeth (Liz) Miceli has been interested is art since early adulthood.  Liz discovered digital photography and the ability to edit them to enhance the artistic look she desires. 

In 2008, Liz joined a watercolor class and has been painting ever since.  She expanded her mediums to include oil, acrylic and pastel.  Liz has studied under several professional artist to improve her craft.  Her work appears in commercial and private collections.  She resides in Rehoboth Beach, DE.

LouAnn Miller

Retired  from 40 years in Pennsylvania education, Lou Ann most recently worked for the University of Delaware. While taking a watercolor class a few years  ago, she fell in love with the medium and has been enjoying it ever since.
"The best part of painting is that I have no boss but the paper and paint itself."
Her other art interest is the traditional German folk painting as seen on blanket chests and fraktur.
She is a member of Atlantic Visual Arts, Lancaster County Art Association and Milton Arts Guild, where she is secretary.

LouAnn Miller Image

Edilu Nehrbas

A retired art teacher for Cape Henlopen School District, Edilu is teaching
drawing, painting, and jewelry making classes for Wilmington University in
Rehoboth Beach.  She also teaches Print making and Beading On and
Off the Loom for Delaware Technical Community College.

Her mediums include Watercolor and Jewelry Making.

Contact Edilu at [email protected]

Bill Patterson

Bill Patterson is a local landscape painter working in an impressionistic
style. His goal is capturing unusual light, shadow, and atmospheric
conditions to evoke particular feelings and moods of a scene.
He paints on location as well as from his photo references.

He is influenced by the works of Edouard Manet. Edward Hopper, and
the Tonalists William Wray, and J. M. W. Turner. Bill prefers to work in oil,
because of the luminous qualities of the paint.

Bill holds a B.A. in Art Education from Rowan University, NJ,
a Masters in Teaching, from Marygrove College, Detroit, MI and has
studied at the University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA, and Studio
Incamminati, Philadelphia Pa. His work has won numerous awards in
New Jersey and Delaware.

His studio is located at the Studios on Walnut, 310 Walnut Street,
Milton DE, where he also offers semi-private lessons in drawing and
painting. He is represented by the Peninsula Gallery in Lewes DE.

Contact Bill at [email protected] and see Bill's work

 Isabel Pizzolato

I ventured into watercolor after retiring to Delaware in 2007.  
In New Jersey, I had spent many hours learning tole painting and
mastering stroke work, thinking I would like to teach this art form.  
I still enjoy this form of painting and maintain my membership with the
Delmarva Decorative Artisits.  

My first venture into watercolor was through the Rehoboth Art League.
When I was introduced to watercolor I became "hooked" on the
transparency of watercolor and fascinated by the way the colors react
to each other and flow over the surface of the paper.  
I am now proud to say I have been accepted into several juried shows
and have won numerous awards.  I am committed to supporting the
local art scene through volunteerism and by participating
in local exhibits. 

Contact Isabel at [email protected]

Rita Poore

Rita Poore honed her appreciation of light and color during a 25 plus
year career in television.  In 2009, she decided to learn something new
about light and color through painting. 

Rita studies with teachers here in Delaware as well as Florida, and
attends numerous workshops taught by award-winning artists. 
Rita’s work, both watercolor and collage, has been accepted into juried
exhibitions, including those held the Biggs American Museum of Art,
Art League of Ocean City, Pennsula Gallery, and Rehoboth Art League. 

Her works are also displayed in corporations and in private homes.

“I love bright, lively color, I definitely don’t have a muted palette.  My
watercolors, acrylics, and collages all include vivid hues. 
I am of two minds - realism is challenging and wonderful, but I get lost
in abstracts, they take me to another place and time,” Rita remarks.

Rita works in her studio in Rehoboth Beach and in her home in Key West.
See Rita's work at or contact her at

Rita Poore

Rita Poore

Sally Reed

Sally Reed is a watercolor artist, but loves exposure and experimentation with all art.  Retiring from the telecommunications business after 30 years, she had the time to indulge in her lifelong interest in creating art.  

Building on Art classes taken while attending the University of Delaware, she expanded her knowledge of art through local classes and workshops with leading American artists in water media to include Janet Rogers, Chica Brunsvold, Sarah Yoeman, Brenda Kidera, Walt Bartman, Rachel Collins, Annie Strack and more.

Sally Reed's art has been exhibited at Milton Art Guild, Rehoboth Art League, The Biggs Museum of Art, Nassau Winery, Rehoboth Beach Yacht and Country Club, Wilmington College, The Buttery, as well as many private collections throughout the states.
Sally enjoys painting all themes, including landscapes, buildings and homes, pet portraits, and florals.
Contct Sally at [email protected]

Anne Rhoads

​Anne Rhoads is a Fine Art Photographer. Anne has been taking
photographs for 50 years. She started in photography with film and in
the late 90's moved to digital photography.

Her work includes portraits, landscapes, and all works of nature.
Anne loves to do altered reality photographs for a more humorous
side of her work. Anne also does color and black and white infrared

You can have your portraits taken at her studio on Prettyman Road. 
See more about Ann on her website:
Email Anne at [email protected]

Angela Richman

Last summer, sitting on the beach at Gordon's Pond, I was blown away by the beauty of it, so I took a photo and with some coloring pencils did my first drawing. I really enjoyed it and have been drawing ever since.
My background is in fashion, I went to the London College of Fashion and have a Diploma in Art and Design. I worked in the fashion industry as a designer and pattern cutter for mass markets. I then had my own business creating hand made wedding and evening dresses until I moved to the USA in 1995 with my husband.
My style isn't conventional, more like naive art. Being a trained fashion designer is very different to painting pictures!
Email Angela at [email protected]

Andy Rollman

Trained as an architect, I have been involved in the arts all of my life.  Sketching was always an integral part of my 30 year career in Washington, DC where I focused on commercial architectural design.  I’ve now retired to Broadkill Beach with my husband Andrew and I’m able to spend more time sketching.  I’ve used watercolor in some of my sketches and I look forward to evolving into other mediums.  
Email Andy at [email protected]

Cynthia Schmidt

I’ve been a resident of Delaware and the Mid Atlantic area since my teens. Art in many different mediums has always been a strong interest of mine, and I like to dabble in several – variety is the spice of life! I started concentrating on stained glass and mosaic in the early 90s, and branched out to include fused and kiln-worked glass during the past decade.
I enjoy my job as a Medical Laboratory Technician at Beebe Healthcare’s main campus in Lewes, but do look forward to the time when retirement will enable me to spend more hours in my home studio. I’ve completed several originally designed commission pieces that were met with glowing reviews and feel I’ve taken the leap from hobbyist to artist.

View her work at her website:   and contact her at  [email protected]

Cathy Serwalt

My love for art started as a kid.  But it’s only been in recent years that I’ve been able to really delve into the many facets of painting.  I am basically self taught, with the help of workshops, books and DVDs.  I started painting in oils many years ago when my children were young.  There was a long "no art" time while I was raising kids and working full time.  My husband, Jerry (my framer), and I moved to Delaware from South Jersey in 2004, just about the time Mispillion Art League was starting.  I joined the group in 2008, retired from my job at Delaware Veterans Home in 2010 and quickly became a member of their Board and Chairman of the Exhibits Committee for about 4 yrs.  

The challenge of painting in watercolor grabbed me about 10 years ago and I’ve enjoyed learning all the wonderful and unique techniques associated with that medium.  But, a few years ago, I joined the Plein Air Painters of the Mid Atlantic, and found that oils work best for me while painting outdoors.   Now I switch back and forth between oil and watercolor, enjoying the many differences in the two mediums.  There is so much to learn when it comes to art, I know I will never stop learning and will never be bored. 

My work is owned by collectors in Illinois, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, California and Delaware.

I belong to the Mispillion Art League, The Painting Divas, Milton Art Guild and Plein Air Painters of the Mid-Atlantic.
Cathy Serwalt
302-424-1897                 [email protected]


Donna Sheppard

I have always loved watercolor for their transparency and luminosity.  Six years ago I took my first class and have truly enjoyed a creative journey exploring the many aspects of watercolor.  I have taken workshops with renowned artists and have been fortunate to become close friends with local artists who have inspired and encouraged me.

I find watercolor holds many mysteries and surprises whenever I apply paint to paper.  It’s such a joy to discover new techniques that lead to fun and exciting outcomes.

Currently I’m painting less detail in a more loose atmospheric technique.  By using a lot of water and mixing colors on the paper I’ve discovered incredible color combinations and effects.  My goal is to capture the essence of my subject letting the viewer interpret and finish the story I created.  Since painting I’ve become more appreciative of the world around me especially sunsets, flowers and trees.

My paintings have been displayed at the Biggs Museum in Dover, Rehoboth Art League and local shows including Nassau Vineyard, The Milton Art Guild. I'm also Gallery Manager at MAG.

Contact Donna F. Sheppard at [email protected]

Wes Stack

Wes Stack is a potter and ceramic sculptor who works from his studio on Cave Neck Rd. near Milton. He produces both functional stoneware as well as abstract sculpture. All of his work expresses his interest in form, surface and light. His primary method of production is using the pottery wheel to create forms, although this is supplemented with other “making” methods. Much of the appearance of his finished work results from his use of custom made glazes, textured finishes and attention to form.

He delights in pursuing experiments in extending forming techniques and surface decoration, all of which involve risk and chance and change. His goals are, in short, to push the boundaries of where he is to where the work will lead him.

His work can be found at Gallery One in Ocean View, DE; the Rehoboth Art League Gallery, the Biggs Museum, and the Milton Art Guild Gallery.
Contact information: website , email [email protected]

Jerry Strum

Jerry Strum is primarily a pastel artist focusing on landscapes in an
impressionistic style.  Jerry graduated with a degree in education and
a minor in art and a graduate degree in special education.  After a
career as a teacher, principal and supervisor in Maryland and Delaware
he returned to his passion for art. 

He has found the Rehoboth area a source of inspiration.  Jerry studied
art at University of Delaware, Towson University, Clarion University
and Hood College.  He studied with international artist Vo Dinh,
national watercolorist Ken Hosmer as well as with local pastel artists,
Nick Serratore and Stan Sperlak. 

His work has been exhibited at Rehoboth Art League, Milton Art League,
Beebe Hospital Benefit, Epworth Church, The Buttery in Lewes
and the YMCA.  He lives in Rehoboth.

Contact at [email protected] .
Carol Yost
Carol Yost counts art as a constant in her life.  She works to improve and innovate her style taking classes and workshops, all to stretch herself with new challenges. 

Her watercolors have been displayed in Juried and non-juried shows throughout Delaware over the years. More recently, her work has be included in shows at Rehoboth Art League, Mispillion Art League, Milton Arts Guild, Peninsula Gallery, and the Biggs Museum. 

“It’s a thrill to make a juried show,” Carol says, “If one sells, well that’s just icing on the cake.”  Carol has recently received two Honorable Mention awards for her artwork.

Carol extends her artistic endeavors to stained glass and fused glass artworks.  She creates both paintings and glasswork in her studio.
Carol is a member of Mispillion Art League and Milton Arts Guild. 

Contact Carol at [email protected]
Libby Zando

Contact Libby  at   [email protected]